no rest for the obsessed

Obsessed is the state in which an individual becomes fixated with an attachment to another person, being or object.

I saw this sweater in the Dutch Elle and haven't gotten rid of the image of me wearing it with everything I own ever since (something which is not likely, because of clothing such as my new orange dress, but in my dreams it all looks absolutely gorgeous).. I can't afford it because I recently quit my well-paying job because of the lack of time and the lack of wanting o clean other peoples toilets and traded it in for a job more relaxing but far less paying.
Now I am not only obsessing over the sweater, but also obsessively scouring eBay and the local thrift stores to find one just like it and secretly hoping I have a secret admirer with a buck load of money who will buy it for me.

Recognizable?! Let me know your current obsession!


being inspired

I am thinking about changing some things in my life, like my room and my hair color. For some inspiration for my interior changes I made these mood boards. I might also use them as color swatches next time I go shopping.

How was everybody's weekend?


got me a model

Like I said last week I had to be a model today at school. It was the third time I modelled for a classmat, but this time it had some something something, because I was covered naked. I was kind of anxious about it, but I think it turned out very nice.


the curve of forgotten things

I just saw the movie Somewhere by Somewhere by Sofia Coppola. Elle Fanning is just as talented as her sister and if you see this short film by Todd Cole you will see she is also destined to be a fashion inspiration as well. I can't wait to wear gold on my lips! I especially like the fourth outfit she is wearing.


Margaux Lonnberg

(Zara t-shirt, Mania Mania ring)

In december I posted a video of Margaux Lonnberg, a blogger/model who's messy relaxed style I adore. And today when I stepped into the Zara, I saw this t-shirt with her on it. 

Margaux Lonnberg's blog is called http://thekillingmoonconfused.blogspot.com and she is also a model. She is known for her bleach blond hair and eyebrows, bronzed skin, excessive smoking and many tattoos. I think she has a great style and great tattoo's, which make me jealous because I still don't have any. If you don't know her blog I would really  recommend visiting it, it's really inspiring. 



(Pentax 50mm camera & Mania Mania ring)

(new COS dress)

Last week I received my ring from Mania Mania, it was very exciting when I got a package saying Sydnet on it, especially because it was a pre-order for febuari 11th.
Yesterday I was very creative and did my nails with three different colors and my roommate did my make-up (very professionally)
Last weekend I was in Den Haag and went to the COS for the first time and bought this dress. I hardly ever were bright colors, let alone orange, but I saw it and loved it.


spell jewelry

I am now in my second year of my study Social works and next year I have to do an internship for 10 months. I would love to do this internship in Australia and am now seriously looking for one. And I am also orientating on things that are from Australia and Spell jewelry is one of those things and it makes me very happy.



Today it is tuesday, which means I had to go to fashion school and my photoshoot went great. I think this was my favorite shoot till now, especially because after the strong winds of last weekend we finally had a nice day. It was as if spring came early and my shoot fit perfect with that feeling.

The idea behind it was to promote flowers for younger people. I have been saving and drying all flowers since I thought it up and at the same time driving my mother crazy, because I couldn't keep the flowers in my room, because of lack of space. And so all the flowers were stored at my parents house.

My model was one of the girls from my class and next week I will be her model. For a nude shoot. Or at least covered nude. She couldn't show me a sketch of what it will look like, but it will be something with feathers. I'm not quite sure wether or not I'm excited about it, but I will see how it all turns out.

I hope everybody had a great weekend and that you will all have a great weekend!


photo photo

(Vogue Italia march 2004)

I had two photoshoots today. Unfortunately my sd-card is brook from my camera, so I couldn't take any pictures. But my first shoot was a make-up editorial. My model was a girl who is doing an internship at my school. Because we had a lot of time left, our teacher asked me and Dieu to do an improvisation shoot. I fortunately had extra clothes with me and so we eventually used one of my designs and did a really cool shoot. Like I said I couldn't take any pictures, but I am going to buy a new card thursday and so next week i will take pictures of my shoot.